We raise awareness of the potential for food system transformation from internalising food’s massive economic externalities

Impact valuation in the food system means accounting for the true costs and benefits of food system activities beyond their financial value.
Internalising costs and benefits through improved products and practices, information, and intervention can lead to a significant contribution to food system transformation and be a significant opportunity for leading companies.

Internalisations as market corrections requires synergy between a triad of food system scientists, economists and food system actors in the form of business, government, financers and civil society. A network is needed to bring the triad closer together to realise economic corrections. Investment can enable the community to develop and promote measures for economic correction of food system impact at scale. FoodSIVI, and its annual Oxford Meeting on Food System Impact Valuation, exists to build this network and provide a focus for investment.

We perform and promote research

We perform research on food impact costing. See our report “Valuing the Impact of Food: Toward practical and comparable food system impact valuation”.
View the latest publications to come from FoodSIVI and its partners in the impact valuation sphere.

We develop bids for collaborative research projects

Through research collaborations we aim to drive food system transformation; we also help leading companies demonstrate sustainable performance and contribution to reducing food system impacts. Find out more about our Projects.

The uniqueness of FoodSIVI lies in its capacity to create multi stakeholder dialogue and common understanding of food systems impact valuation, an issue that is becoming critical for the private sector for assessment of business risks and opportunities

Agnes Martin, PhD, Health & Advocacy Diets Director, Danone