FoodSIVI brings together academia, industry and civil society to improve impact valuation methods and promote the development of standardised and comparable valuations. The end goal is accelerating food system transformation.

In order to develop meaningful measures of impact of a food system it is crucial to bring together the full range of stakeholders as occurs in the Oxford Meetings.

Professor Guy Poppy
Chief Scientific Adviser to the Food Standards Agency (UK Government)

The FoodSIVI team is part of the Food Systems Transformation Group at the University
of Oxford’s Environmental Change Institute.

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Dr Steven Lord
Dr Steven Lord

Steven trained in the field of noncommutative geometry in pure mathematics before branching into applied mathematical and statistical methods useful in complex decision making.

From 2010 to 2015 he was responsible for leading quantitative research and applications at the Australian Department of Defence as part of a multi-disciplinary group providing advice, modelling and analysis on risk management, risk assessment, future scenarios, and resilience to senior decision-makers in Australian Commonwealth Government.

Since 2016 he has worked on food system and economic modelling for sustainability, risk and resilience within the Food System Transformation Group, fostering a broad range of international collaborations. In 2017 he launched FoodSIVI with Jason Czarnezki following a series of workshops.

Dr John Ingram
Dr John Ingram

Trained in soil science, John Ingram gained extensive experience in the 1980s working in Africa and Asia in agriculture and forestry research projects.

He has designed and led regional food system research projects in Europe, south Asia, southern Africa and the Caribbean, and has conceived, developed and/or led a range of major international research initiatives.

His current activities include coordinating the UK Global Food Security research programme’s ‘Resilience of the UK Food System in a Global Context’; developing and promoting ECI’s food systems research programme; Co-I on several food systems research projects and leading the multi-university Innovative Food Systems Teaching and Learning programme (IFSTAL).

Roger Sykes, Food Systems Programme Manager

Roger provides the secretariat for the project and arranges Advisory Board meetings. He manages the project budget and reporting to funders, and provides support for new funding opportunities.

Roger has a degree in Human Geography from the University of Reading, and MSc in Gerontology from Kings College London. He has worked for the Local Government Association and the Audit Commission in policy and research roles before joining the ECI Food Systems Group at the University of Oxford in July 2015. Roger provides programme support for the IFSTAL teaching programme and the programme on Resilience of the UK Food system in a global context, as well as supporting funding applications for new projects.

Eleanor O’Kane, Communications Consultant

Eleanor provides communications support to the project including maintaining and developing the website, social media, and press work to promote the project.

A former journalist, Eleanor specialises in making complex ideas and concepts accessible and engaging for different types of audience across a wide range of mediums. She works closely with the Food Systems Transformation Group at University of Oxford’s Environmental Change Institute (ECI) across several projects.

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Academic Co-convenors

Agricultural Sustainability Institute, UCDavis, CA; Prof Tom Tomich
Beacon Bioeconomy Research Centre, University College Dublin; Prof Nick Holden
Environmental Law Program, Elisabeth Haub School of Law, Pace University, NY; Prof Jason Czarnezki

Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board provides strategic advice to steer the priorities and direction of FoodSIVI in key areas of activity such as research and product development.

FoodSIVI academic leads

FoodSIVI funding partners

Working with, and learning from, a cross sectorial group of food system experts, with different starting points and the same goal has been exceedingly valuable. It has enabled us to move our work forward, identify our role and understand where we can add value. The Oxford meetings proved a unique opportunity to move all our work forward and to develop new relationships to help meet the challenges of such an important area.”

Duncan Williamson
International Head of Policy, Compassion in World Farming